Terms & Conditions... Sorry we need a few rules too

We don't have many of these but the ones we do have, have come about through experience and are here to help you and protect us a bit too...


  1. All journeys with Metro Taxis must be pre-booked by telephone, email or using the contact form on the website.

  2. All journeys to the Railway, Bus or Coach station within Bradford must be booked for pick up at least 1 hour before departure in order to guarantee* the connection and earlier for stations out of Bradford.

  3. *Metro Taxis cannot be held responsible for any actual or consequential financial or professional loss, missed travel connections (flights, trains etc.) due to the late or non-arrival of any taxi, however, as part of our guarantee we may refund part or full taxi fare at our own discretion.

  4. Metro Taxis cannot be held responsible for losses consequential or actual arising from missed connections due to adverse weather, prevailing traffic conditions or any other events that negatively influence journey times.

  5. Metro Taxis and its drivers reserve the right to refuse to carry passengers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and who in the opinion of the driver pose a threat to him/herself or his/her vehicle.

  6. Metro drivers are entitled to ask for part or full fare upfront for any journey, and any overpayment will be refunded at the end of the journey.

  7. Lost property left in a Metro Taxi will be returned to the office. Please contact the main office to arrange for collection.

  8. Lost Property not collected within 3 months of the journey becomes the property of Metro Taxis who will arrange for disposal of the item.

  9. If you have any comments or complaints about the level of service we have provided, please contact the office by telephone or in writing using the contact page on the website.

  10. All bookings accepted by Metro Taxis will be bound by these terms and conditions and customers will be deemed to have read and understood them when booking.

  11. These terms and conditions do not remove or affect your statutory rights.