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Student Taxis. Bradford students' preferred taxis

Metro Taxis is dedicated to looking after the students of Bradford! We know it can be challenging to find your way around when you are in a new city, but not in Bradford because Metro Taxis is all you need to get there. We have been the preferred private hire taxi company partner  to the University of Bradford, Bradford College and both Students' Unions for many years, working hand in hand to provide students with a friendly, safe, quality and discounted private hire service that students deserve. 

Safe Taxi Fare Meters
"See what you pay as you go" 


Go with Metro Taxis with confidence knowing that you won't get ripped off or overcharged. All our vehicles have discounted fare meters on display for passengers to see their fare throughout their journey **. Since no one knows Bradford like we do our customers can rest assured they will be taken the most sensible route possible. Furthermore, there's no need to worry about the fare meter accumulating on the longer out of town journeys because we fix these prices with the 10% discount already included (call and get a quote before you go!).


**In the unusual event of the fare meter showing an inaccurate reading, the driver is entitled to clarify the fare using a backup fare sheet.  


10% Student Discount 
"Lowest fares in Bradford for all students" 


Put simply, If you are a student in Bradford you are eligible for a 10% student discount every time you get a Metro Taxi from anywhere. Please remember to carry your student ID with you at all times as you must show this to the driver before commencing your journey.


Preferred Safe Taxi Scheme 
"No money? No problem! Trust Metro to get you home safe" 


Getting a taxi is a much safer option than walking, especially if you are on your own and feel vulnerable.

Our Safe Taxi Scheme aims to ensure that students who do not have enough money to get back home can rely on Metro Taxis to get home safe, and pay their fare later the following day.


If you find yourself in this situation all you need to do is take the following simple steps:


1.   Call Metro Taxis on 01274 733733 and tell the operator that you are a student and have run out of cash to get home

2.   Wait safely for your taxi, and check your taxi is from Metro Taxis Bradford before you get in (look out for our yellow logo)

3.   Tell the driver your destination and give the driver written details of your Student ID Card number and your name

      (Remember to keep your Student ID Card with you at all times and there is no need to leave this with the driver)

4.   Ask for a receipt at the end of the journey

5.   The next day, come to the Students' Union Helpdesk and pay your taxi fare **


** This service is to be used as an emergency mainly during the hours of darkness, and any misuse will be

    reported. Students must pay their outstanding fare to the Students' Union Helpdesk within 48hrs.


Location of Students' Unions Helpdesks

1) University students: UBU Helpdesk is located in Student Central, First Floor Reception.

2) College students: Bradford College Students' Union Helpdesk is located in Ground Floor Room G13, David Hockney Building.


Please note that, for insurance purposes, all private hire services must be pre-booked through the company prior to travelling in the vehicle. DO NOT flag down private hire vehicles unless you have booked them, as you will not be covered under insurance. This can also give rise to bogus taxi drivers, putting your personal safety at risk.


"Student safety is our priority. Metro Taxis will never leave any Bradford student stranded"


Did Metro Taxis Bradford ensure you got home safely? Or help in any other way? Your feedback is greatly appreciated whether positive or negative so we can continue to provide a first class private hire taxi service to all students in Bradford! We really want to hear from you so please email us or call us direct and give your feedback.

Confidentiality Policy

Please note that your personal information will remain 100% confidential within the management team and not be shared with any other staff member or driver.

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Be safe and always book a Metro Student Taxi

  > 10% student discount every time (Lowest fares guaranteed)

  Free Safety Ring Back & Text Back with vehicle details

  Safe taxi fare meters on display for your peace of mind 

  The No.1 taxis in Bradford

  > Cheap taxi from Bradford to any Airports

  Student Safe Spot

  All drivers DBS SAFE checked

  Safe and secure vehicles with real-time GPS tracking

  Discounted student Airport Taxi Transfers

  > Stay Safe with Metro Student Taxis Bradford

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