Eco-Friendly... We're getting greener

We are committed to combating air pollution in Bradford through our clean air plan which aims to reduce carbon emissions and also save you money, whilst providing a first class taxi service. We employ environmentally friendlier alternatives throughout our whole business practice to reduce the impact our business has on the environment. 


Furthermore, we have found that cutting down on waste and being more efficient with our resources has saved us money and also allowed us to pass on these savings to our customers and subsidise drivers that buy greener cars such as a hybrid.

Our Hybrid fleet

We have an ever growing number of hybrid cars on our fleet. The Metro Prius is one of the most advance hybrid vehicles on the market. It seamlessly switches between petrol and electric motor depending on driving conditions. This means silent electric travel in typical traffic and ultra low emissions with plenty of legroom and climate control on board. To request a hybrid vehicle please book in advance. Although many of our private hire cars are hybrid we want to go much further and hope to go all electric in Bradford. 

Lower CO2 emissions

When we allocate a booking to a driver, we ensure the booking is given to nearest driver to the pickup point. Our booking system is designed to locate the most suited driver for the job reducing our mileage and CO2 emissions by upto 20%. 

Paperless invoicing

All of our invoices are e-mailed to our customers (unless paper invoices are requested). We have stopped printing invoices for customers because we believe the requirement for printed invoices is not necessary and as a result of this we have drastically reduced our use of paper and ink.